Shortly after he proposes to you, you start to imagine your dream wedding. What will be the theme colors? What wedding favors will I give to my guests? What is the latest fashion in bridesmaid dresses? How should I light the reception venue? There is so much creativity and planning that goes into a wedding day. Our team of experienced filmmakers will be there to capture your vision and beauty. Your wedding film will be as unique and inspirational as your love story.

To help you choose the right wedding film service, we have compiled the following information.

Wedding Film Production - High Definition Coverage

High-definition video or HD video refers to any video system with higher resolution compared to standard-definition (SD) video. The most common display resolutions for HD video are 1,280×720 pixels (720p) or 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080i/1080p) with 16:9 ratio.  SD video has a resolution of 720 × 480 or 640 x 480 with 4:3 aspect ratio. A camera with HD video capability can capture finer details of an image. When displayed on a big-screen TV or on a computer monitor, HD video appears sharper with finer details, while some details in SD video get lost, or become soft and blurred.

Wedding Film Production - Cinematic Style

Do you remember a time when you walked out of a movie theatre, under the glaring sunlight, still feeling mesmerized by the story, sound & images that you just experienced? That is the impact we as filmmakers strive to create. Film is a complex art form, and has its own language developed throughout more than a hundred of years of history. We draw inspirations from observing cinema masters' works. By using cinematic techniques in the areas of shooting, directing, and post-production, we are able to produce a wedding film that has an enchanting story, filled with audio & visual delights.

Wedding Film Production - Storytelling

At Ocean Blue Videography our goal is to weave your story in to the wedding film. Using a non-linear editing style the wedding film will unveil not just the events from the wedding day but the relationships of the people involved. The narrative for the story comes from the day's events: Speeches from the wedding reception, Interview clips from the couple, family and friends, and snippets from the ceremony earlier in the day.