Van Hsieh, Filmmaker & Creative Director

"A cinematographer has to design and write a story, starting at the beginning, through the evolution to the end. That's why I considered my profession as a writer of light." ~ Vittorio Storaro

Vittorio Storaro, who collaborated with the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci on "The Conformist", "Last Tango in Paris" and "The Last Emperor" believes a cinematographer is not only a painter of light but he or she needs to know literature, music and painting in order to tell an effective story with images. 

As an avid cinephile and a filmmaker, I am always striving to master these three things: Telling a good story as a writer; Creating an enchanting image like a painter; Weaving all the pieces together through time and with rhythm, like a musician.     

I remember being intrigued by shapes and colors when I was a  little kid. I would stare at irregular holes on peeling wallpapers and  imagine them to be silhouettes of a dancing man, a rabbit or a duck. However, like many kids growing up in Taiwan, I was encouraged to study hard and attend law school. Deeper in my heart, I always felt a longing to be an artist. 

After  graduating from Taiwan University with a Bachelor of Law degree in 2000, I decided to pursue my true passion: art and storytelling. A respected artist in Taiwan told me that I should go somewhere close to New York city to pursue a career in art. Unaware of the driving time from Rochester to New York (7 hours) and the extreme weather conditions (6 months of snow), I left my home, friends and family to study Masters in Fine Arts at Rochester Institute  of Technology. Although I had my share of hardships as a student living abroad, I was showered with encouragement by the faculty and fellow artists at RIT. I fell in  love with film, the perfect art form that combines storytelling and enchanting visuals. 

In 2001 after taking a summer film program at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, I toured San Francisco for a week. I immediately fell in love with the landscape and the creative spirit of the city. 

In 2003, I founded Ocean Blue Videography™ in the Bay Area to fulfill my vision of using state of the art technology to produce exquisite and meaningful works. Since then our team has produced, shot and edited over 200 weddings and other personal events while striving to highlight the uniqueness of each story. We have also branched out to business videos and indie films projects, which in turn sharpen our senses and skills in various aspects of video production. 

I would like to invite you to visit our film gallery and get connected